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Climate Control Mobile, Inc.
3085 Seneca Street • Buffalo, NY 14224 • 716-825-2020

About Climate Control Mobile, Inc.

Located in Western New York, Cliimate Control has served the heavy duty A/C vehicle market for 16 years. We provide parts, installation and service for all type of trucks, off-road equipment, and specialty vehicles. Our moblie service trucks cater to on-site repairs and our extensive shop can handle all your problems. All service technicians are MSH4 safety trained and take annual refresher courses.

So when looking for replacement parts and units, or just some advice, be assured that all our staff has the experience and product knowledg you need.

We ship daily, Mondy thru Friday, throughout the U.S. via UPS and Fed EX.

Climate Control is a full service warehouse distributor representing all major suppliers of heaters and air conditioners engineered for heavy duty vehicles. We stock thousands of parts for immediate shipment. Your solutions are just a phone call away.

(716) 825-2020

3085 Seneca Street • Buffalo, NY 14224 | 716-825-2020

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